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Call for Papers

To download the Call for Papers of COBEP 2013 (in PDF), please click here.

List of Topics

The digest should be submitted to one of the topics listed below:

1) Power converters topologies and design

– DC/DC converters and DC power supply systems
– DC/AC converters (inverters)
– AC/DC converters and power factor correction

2) Electrical machines and drive systems

– Electric machines, motor drives and motion control

3) Modeling, simulation and control in power electronic

– Control theory applied to power electronics systems
– Computer-aided modeling, analysis, design and synthesis of power electronics systems
– Digital control applications in power electronics

4) Devices, packaging, integration, magnetic materials and passive components

– Integration, packaging and modules
– Power semiconductor devices, passive components and magnetism

5) Industrial, commercial and residential applications

– Electronics ballast for lighting
– Automotive, aerospace and transportation applications of power electronics
– Industrial applications of power electronics

6) Renewable and alternative energy systems

– Renewable power systems
– Energy storage

7) Smart grid and utility applications

– Power electronics in generation, transmission and distribution power systems
– Power electronics in smart grids

8) Energy efficiency, power quality and electromagnetic compatibility

– Power quality, harmonics and reactive power compensation, electromagnetic compatibility
– Electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) and electromagnetic interference (EMI)

9) Education and special topics

– Education in power electronics
– Other topics


Instructions for Presentation





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