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Courses and Programs


UFSM counts with undergraduate courses that cover all areas of study.

Click here to see all the available courses.

Observation: By clicking on the link above, you will be redirected to a page where you can find the courses available in each one of our campuses.

“CURSOS DE GRADUAÇÃO PRESENCIAIS – UFSM – CAMPUS SEDE – SANTA MARIA (RS)” : Here you will find a list of the undergraduate courses available at UFSM.

Once you have found the course you are looking for you should click on the link “Emetário” next to the name fo the course.

After that you will be redirected once more. In this new page you can find the topics:

– “Informações Gerais” – General information about the course you have chosen;

– “Informações de Funcionamento” – Operating information about the course, as the academic coordinator, for example;

– “Professores” – Consists of a list with the current professors in the course (if this list is hidden you should click on the arrow next to the title in order to access its content).

– “Currículo” – this is where you will find the program of each class in the selected course. To access the page select the most recent curriculum.

Once you have selected the year for the curriculum the system will show you a list with the classes offered in that course, along with their code. By clicking on each link you will be able to find more information about the selected class. To check the course program click “Programa”.

Attention: This system is still under construction and in some cases it is possible that there no program registered yet, so the system will show the message “Sem programa cadastrado”.


Find a graduate program in your area of study.

To check our graduate programs click in here.