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What the University Offers


University Restaurants (RU)

The University Restaurants offer low cost meals for students, professors and technical administrative staff of UFSM. The University Restaurant of the central campus is considered one of the largest in Southern Brazil, and together with the restaurants distributed in the four other campuses, serve more than 12 thousand meals a day to the academic community.

The price of the meal is R$0,20 for breakfast and R$0,50 for lunch and dinner for students entitled to food grant and R$2,50 for other users.



The Central Library and the 14 specialized libraries hold a collection of more than 300 thousand volumes and are connected to international scientific sources and to the Ministry of Education journals.

Their main objective is to provide updated, organized bibliographical information to the academic community, enabling the development of teaching, research and extension.

For more information on the Central Library, click here.

Portuguese classes for international students

The Entrelínguas Laboratory offers Portuguese courses every four months. If you are interested in attending classes, you should contact Projeto Entrelínguas, by e-mail or by phone: +55 (55) 3220-9600.

At the end of the classes, you will receive a certificate and you may take the Celpe-Bras proficiency test.

  • Celpe-Bras Proficiency Test in Portuguese Language

Celpe-Bras is an exam that enables the Certification of Proficiency in Portuguese Language for Foreigners. Developed and granted by the Ministry of Education (MEC), it is applied in Brazil and in other countries with the support of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MRE) and is the only certification of proficiency in Portuguese as a foreign language officially acknowledged by the Brazilian Government. It is internationally accepted in companies and educational institutions as proof of competence in the Portuguese language, and in Brazil it is required by the universities for entry into undergraduate courses and graduate programs, as well as for the revalidation of diplomas of foreign professionals who intend to work in the countryRegistration. For further information on the test, click here.

  • For more information on Revalidation of Diplomas: