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Water Analysis

LAQIA serves the community through the provision of water analysis services for human consumption (potability and mineral water), for food industries, for pharmacies and swimming pools.

The determinations carried out on water samples are:

  • Alkalinity;
  • Chlorides;
  • Residual chlorine;
  • Conductivity (salinity);
  • Color;
  • COD (chemical oxygen demand);
  • Water hardness;
  • Fluorides;
  • Metals: calcium, magnesium, iron, manganese, potassium, sodium;
  • Nitrates;
  • pH;
  • Silicon;
  • Total solids;
  • Sulfates;
  • Turbidity.


For more information, please contact LAQIA:

Laboratório de Análises Químicas Industriais e Ambientais

Phone: +55 (55) 3220 9445