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UFSM hosts an international initiative for monitoring the ozone layer and solar radiation 
The Iber-American campaign has the collaboration from the State Meteorological Agency of Spain and the World Meteorological Organization    The activities…
Paleontological discovery in the municipality of Dona Francisca unveils a new chapter in the evolution of mammalian ancestors  
The name of the specimem, Paratraversodon franciscaensis, pays homage to the city of Quarta Colônia  The discovery of a new…
A new dinosaur fossil has been discovered by Cappa/UFSM in Restinga Sêca 
A study published in the scientific journal The Anatomical Record on November 16 presented the second record of a dinosaur…
Fostering Academic Bridges: Professor Ana Qiao’s Visit to UFSM Strengthens Brazil-China Collaboration 
We were honored to host Professor Ana Qiao from the Department of Portuguese at Hebei Normal University (HNU) during her…
UFSM’s Admission to the Tordesillas Group was Approved by the General Assembly 
Admission grants access to funding scholarships from the Carolina Foundation   Between November 5 and 7, the President of UFSM,…
UFSM Deepens Collaborations in China: New Partnerships and Agreements Unveiled
Continuing the successful mission in China, Vice President Martha Adaime and the representative of the International Affairs Office, Daniela do…