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Methodology for conception of cabins of agricultural machines: informational phase applied to a self-propelled sprayer

In today’s technological evolution process of agricultural machinery cabins, driven largely by precision agriculture, there is the existence of failures in the provision of safety and ergonomics. So how new technologies are being made available to the user in operation station as well as the ambience involved, become important factors to be worked out. In this context, this paper aims to present a methodology and tools for the insertion of such aspects in the project as well as evaluation of these applications in a case study, referring to the cabin project of a self-propelled sprayer. Among the methodologies that guided the proposed method are intended the safety, ergonomics, the project of agricultural machinery and modular systems. Through carrying out research on standards and related material, we identified 60 security restrictions and with the ergonomic analysis as well as data collected from users of the product, such information originated 60 technical specifications. It was found that the use of the proposed methodology contributed to the identification and detailing of safety characteristics and ergonomic in project of the cabins.

Palavras-chave: Ergonomic, Safety, Operation station, Product project.

Texto completo: Paper

Autores: Ulisses Benedetti Baumhardt, Airton dos Santos Alonço, Hugo Gabriel Teles Tenório, Cristiano Corrêa Ferreira, Paulo Roberto Bedin.