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Requirements of project of a self-propelled aerosol generator for application of insecticides against mosquitoes

This work aimed at the development of the requirements of project of a self-propelled aerosol generator, product that performs the control of mosquitoes through the space application of insecticides in the ambient. The demand of this work was based on low efficiency currently obtained in the process, especially in inside of residence, together with the super sizing of the systems available for this purpose along with the need of the control of epidemics. The guiding methodology of the project was the Process of Development of Agricultural Machines, which followed four steps: (1) identification of factors of influence related to the project, (2) survey of the needs of the customer/users, (3) establishment of the requirements of customers; (4) transformation of the needs of the customer in requirements of project. Among the most important requirements were the “Costs of production”, “Number of information for monitoring the conditions of use of the machine” and “Percent of usual processes of fabrication”. Thus, this work will contribute to the development of the other stages of the product in study, allowing the insertion of devices to improve the quality of results obtained by applying the ultra low volume in the control of mosquitoes in urban areas.

Palavras-chave: Agricultural machines, Ultra low volume, Public helth.

Texto completo: Paper

Autores: Ulisses Benedetti Baumhardt, Airton dos Santos Alonço, Vilnei de Oliveira Dias, José Renê  de Freitas Gassen, Gustavo José Bonotto, Letícia Aveline