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Specific demands to the traction of cutting discs and furrow openers for the no-tillage system

The objective of this study was to identify the specific demands to the traction considering the work depth and the soil area mobilized by different associations between crop residue coulter discs and fertilizer furrow openers of crop planters, for the no-tillage system, subject to the ground speed. This experiment was conducted in a farm in the city of Santa Maria (Brazil – Rio Grande do Sul), in a soil classified as Red Ultisol with sandy loam texture. The experiment consisted of 24 combinations of treatments, in a factorial design of 2x3x4. The treatments were obtained by the interaction of furrowers (hoe furrow opener and double-disc opener) with three arrangements in relation to the cutting discs (without disc, smooth and offset fluted coulter) and speeds (1.11, 1.67, 2.22 and 2.78 m s-1). The combination of mechanisms was possible through the coupling in a mobile tool holder structure and by using an instrumented tractor as a power source. There was a significant influence of all factors on the variables. The double-disc presented the highest specific demand due to the depth, with 24.08 kN m-1, while the hoe opener required 19.09 kN m-1. For the need of traction per mobilized soil area, the double-disc opener also had superior requirement, 9.94% higher. Therefore, the hoe opener is more efficient in the use of traction. The use of cutting discs integrated with this furrow opener reduced the extension of the demands and provided lower speed influence, while the opposite happens for the double-disc furrow opener. Regardless of the combination, an increment of variables was observed with the increase of speed.


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Autores: Tiago Rodrigo Francetto, Airton dos Santos Alonço, Dauto Pivetta Carpes, Otávio Dias da Costa Machado, Rafael Sobroza Becker, Catize Brandelero