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Palestra “Random Delays in Dynamical/Networked Systems” – 16/05 – Sala 1121 – Prédio CCNE – Térreo

Palestra “Random Delays in Dynamical/Networked Systems”

Dia 16/05/2012 as 10:30-11:30

Local: Sala 1121 – Prédio CCNE – Térreo


Prof. Dr. Tamás Kalmar-Nagy


The new millenium has seen an unprecedented growth in communication, networking and robotics. Complex systems of interacting nonlinear components have impacted a broad range of applications including space exploration, mobile sensor networks, teleoperated surgical robots, control of teams of vehicles, and integrated building systems. Interactions of communicating dynamic components are susceptible to network and/or physical delays.Stability and performance metrics of systems with random time delays are related to infinite random matrix products and the corresponding Lyapunov exponents (the measure of stability).This presentation provides a look at the techniques and tools of dynamical systems theory, discrete mathematics, and statistical physics that can be combined to calculate Lyapunov exponents for random systems.

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