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Autor(es) Mariana Müller Rocha; Fabiane Vieira Romano 
Orientador(es): Fabiane Vieira Romano
Ano: 2014


This paper presents the development of design strategies to increase the number of blood donations at egional Blood Center in Santa Maria. To accomplish it was done some theorical research, for the Design and blood
donation, an interview with the residents of Santa Maria, to try to know the society, to find out why the number of donation is so low, and the main reasons for grant or no donation, and also the survey data with the Blood Center. Through analysis it is clear that an important target audience, which can be encouraged to donate blood, is composed by college students because they fit the requirements for donation and they represent a large portion of society. It was conceived through actions aimed at more permanent awareness campaigns, usually ephemeral and punctual,
starting by developing a visual identity needed to recognize the theme.


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