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 1.    A global analysis of the atmospheric pollutant modeling. 
            RIZZA, Umberto ; CARVALHO, Jonas C ; MORAES, Marcelo Romero de ; GOULART, A. G. O. . Revista Brasileira de Meteorologia v. 22, pág.1-9(2007).

2.      A new model for the CBL growth based on the turbulent kinetic energy equation.
GOULART, A. G. ; MOREIRA, D. M. ; VILHENA, M. T. ; DEGRAZIA, Gervasio Annes ; ZILITINKEVICH, S. S. . Environmental Fluid Mechanics (Dordrecht), v. 7, pág.409-419(2007).

3.      A study of the neglected Galactic H-II region NGC2579 and its companion ESO370-9.
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4.      Ab initio study of 2,3,7,8-tetrachlorinated dibenzo-p-dioxin adsorption on single wall carbon nanotubes.
FAGAN, S. B. ; SANTOS, Elton José Gomes dos ; SOUZA FILHO, Antônio Gomes de ; MENDES FILHO, Josué ; FAZZIO, Adalberto . Chemical Physics Letters, v. 437, pág.79-82(2007).

5.      Ab initio study of double-wall carbon nanotubes under uniaxial pressure.
FAGAN, S. B. ; LEMOS, Volia. Physica Status Solidi B, Basic Research, v. 244, pág.142-146(2007).

6.      Ab initio study of pristine and Si-doped capped carbon nanotubes interacting with nimesulide molecules.
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7.      Adsorption of CO and NO molecules on Carbon doped boron nitride nanotubes. 
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8.      Analysis of the tunnel resistance and magnetoresistance in Co nanoparticles including the cluster size distribution. 
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9.      Barkhausen noise and magnetization processes in E110 grade non-oriented electrical steels. 
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10. Comparsion between ac and dc current annealing in CoFeSiB glass-covered amorphous microwires. CARARA, M. ; SOSSMEIER, K. D. ; CHIRIAC, H. ; BOHN, Felipe. .Journal of Physics – D (Applied Physics) v. 40, pág.3223-3238(2007).

11. Derivation of a decorrelation timescale depending on source distance for inhomogeneous turbulence in a convective boundary layer. 
DEGRAZIA, Gervasio ; CARVALHO, Jonas da Costa ; MOREIRA, Davidson M ; VILHENA, Marco T ; ROBERTI, Débora R ; MAGALHÃES, S. G./ MAGALHÃES S. . Physica A v. 374, pág.55-56(2007).

12. Domain wall dynamics in CoFeSiB microwires under axial applied stress. 
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13. Employing Heisenberg s turbulent spectral transfer theory to parameterize sub-filter scales in LES models. 
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14. Encapsulation of  metallocenes in single-wall carbon nanotubes: an ab initio study.
JFAGAN, S. B. ; AZEVEDO, David ; MENDES FILHO, Josué ; SOUZA FILHO, Antônio Gomes de. AIP Conference Proceedings v. 893, pág.1027-1028(2007).

15. Energetic and electronic properties of BN nanotube bundle under pressure. 
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16. Estimation of emission rate from experimental data. 
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17. Exactly Solvable Interacting Vertex Models. 
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18. First principles study of titanium-coated carbon nanotubes as sensors for carbon monoxide molecules. 
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19. Gravitational perturbations and quasinormal modes of black holes with non-spherical topology. 
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20. Hydrogen interaction with natives defects in SiC nanotubes 
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21. Impaired expression of NER gene network in sporadic solid tumors. 
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22. Interaction of a methanol molecule with C60 under pressure.
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23. Low potential barrier height effects in magnetic tunneling junctions. 
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24. Magnetic and structural properties of Co-doped ZnO thin films. . 
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25. Magnetic, magnetotransport, and optical properties of Al-doped Zn0.95Co0.05O thin films. 
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26. Magnetoimpedance of single and multilayered FeCuNbSiB films in frequencies up to 1.8 GHz. 
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27. Modeling, property verification and behavioral equivalence of Lactose operon regulation. 
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28. One-step replica symmetry breaking solution for a highly asymetric two-sublattice fermionic Ising spin -glass model in a transverse field. 
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29. Quantum fluctuations in the competition among spin glass, antiferromagnetism and local pairing supercondutivity 
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30. Replica symmetry breaking for two-sublattice fermionic Ising spin glass models in a transverse field 
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31. Stabilty and electronic properties of vacancies and antisites in BC2N. 
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32. Surface-to-Atmosphere Exchange in a River Valley Environment. 
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33. The matrix product ansatz for the six-vertex model. 
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34. Theorical considerations of meandering winds in simplified conditions. 
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35. Thickness dependence of the high-frequency magnetic permeability in amorphous Fe73.5Cu1Nb3Si13.5B9 thin films. 
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36. Turbulence dissipation rate derivation for meandering occurrences in a stable planetary boundary layer. 
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37. Turbulent Carbon Exchange of Scalars at the Nocturnal Boundary Layer. 
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38. Vertical, lateral and longitudinal eddy diffusivities for a decaying turbulence in the convective boundary layer. 
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39. Zipping method applied to Barkhausen noise: A new toolo to investigate the micromagnetic disorder in amorphous magnetic materials. 
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