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Início do conteúdo
Início do conteúdo
Publicado: 4 novembro 2021 - 18:13 | Última modificação: 23 novembro 2021 - 15:10


Online - Santa Maria

23/11/2021 13:30 - 25/11/2021 18:10


O Webinar Internacional One Health Over Borders – Capes / PrInt 2021 é um evento online e com inscrição gratuita.

O Webinar é direcionado a cientistas biomédicos, veterinários e ambientais, farmacologistas, toxicologistas, cientistas de saúde pública e ciência alimentar e legisladores que estão preocupados com o avanço da saúde ambiental global, promovendo a saúde e o bem-estar animal, a saúde humana e a segurança alimentar.


Day 1 (November 23, 2021)
Theme 1 – Shared environment

Opening Session

Session 1

Viral diagnosis and vaccines: from animal to human health
Chairs: Alfredo Antoniazzi (PPGMV, UFSM), Eduardo Flores (PPGMV, UFSM) and Darci Raquel Fonseca (PPGART,UFSM)

The human animal interface of SARS-CoV-2
Diego Diel (University of Cornell, USA)

Brazilian effort to develop a multivalent CoVid vaccine
Jorge Kalil (Incor – University of São Paulo, Brazil)

The living as an ecological space in artistic creation
Xavier Lambert (University of Toulouse, France)

Art and environment: Rethinking the real in light of the virtual
Carole Hoffmann (University of Toulouse, France)

Darci Raquel Fonseca
Curatorship and expography: Cristina Landerdahl,
Raul Dotto Rosa – Expographic support: Ana Luiza Martins,
Audrian Cassanelli, Vicent Solar – Social media: Calixto Bento,
Cindy Santos, Evelyn Marques Machado, Jane Zofoli,
Pedro Reis – Graphic Project: Evandro Bertol

Session 2

Environmental pollutants: a hidden hazard for human health
Chairs: Denis Brook Rosemberg and Vania Loro (PPGBTOX, UFSM)

The 3 ‘P’s of zebrafish in ecotoxicology research: plastics, pharmaceuticals and pH
Matthew Parker (University of Portsmouth, UK)

Chronic exposure to chemical residues in low concentrations: the invisible risk
César Grisolia (University of Brasília, Brazil)

The growing utility of zebrafish models in ecotoxicology: a neurobehavioral perspective
Denis Brook Rosemberg (PPGBTOX, UFSM) and Vania Loro (PPGBTOX,UFSM)

Amiloride prevents behavioral impairments in a zebrafish-based pain model
Isaac A. Adedara (PPGBTOX, UFSM)

Day 2 (November 24, 2021)
Theme 2 – Shared medicines and

Session 1

Pain control: a complex challenge for animal and human welfare
Chair: Gabriela Trevisan (PPGFarm, UFSM)

The essential role of Schwann cells in chronic pain
Pierangelo Geppetti (University of Florence, Italy)

Transient receptor potencial (TRP) channels as targets of natural products in pain models
Maria Fernanda de Paula Werner (UFPR)

Neuropathic pain observed in multiple sclerosis is mediated by TRPA1 activation
Gabriela Trevisan (PPGFarm, UFSM)

The role of TRPA1 channel in headache pre-clinical models
Diéssica Padilha Dalenogare (PPGFarm, UFSM)

Session 2

Cancer research: perspectives of new compounds and non-animal approaches
Chairs: Letícia Cruz (PPGCF, UFSM) and Roberto Christ Vianna dos Santos (PPGCF, UFSM)

Parasporinas en la terapia anticàncer
Miguel Angel Pena-Rico (University of Papaloapan, Mexico)

Modelos no animales para el estudio del càncer
Montserrat Mitjans Arnal (University of Barcelona, Spain)

Nanopartículas sensibles al pH y vectorizadas con transferrina como estrategia tecnológica en el tratamiento del cáncer
Daniele Rubert Nogueira Librelotto (PPGCF, UFSM)

Session 3

Drug repurposing applicable to COVID-19
Chairs: João Batista Teixeira Rocha (PPGBTOX, UFSM) and Maria Rosa Chitolina (PPGBTOX, UFSM)

Purinergic signalling: a window of opportunity for the therapy of Covid-19?
Francesco Di Virgilio (University of Ferrara, Italy)

In silico methodologies to predict drug interaction with SARS-COV-2 enzymes
Laura Orian (University of Padova, Italy)

Blockage of SARS-COV-2 replication in lungh and kidney epithelial cells by hypertonic salt solutions
Henning Ulrich (USP, Brazil)

SARS-COV-2 enzymes as a drug target
Pablo Nogara (PPGBTOX, UFSM)

Day 3 (November 25, 2021)
Theme 3 – Safe food and food systems

Session 1

From fish welfare assurance to safe food products
Chairs: Ana Paula G. Almeida (PPGFarm, UFSM) and Maria Amália Pavanato (PPGFarm, UFSM)

Improving the skin healing of fish by using natural additives on diet
Maria Ángeles Esteban (University of Murcia, Spain)

Plant essential oils and phytochemicals against aeromonosis in tropical fish
Bernardo Baldisserotto (PPGFarm, UFSM)

Rutin-added diet improves the fish liver response against oxytetracycline-induced oxidative stress and apoptosis
Isabela Finamor (PPGFarm, UFSM)

Use of essential oils as anesthetics in Colossoma macropomum
Ana Paula G. Almeida (PPGFarm, UFSM)

Session 2

Clean technologies for food processing and extraction of bioactive compounds
Chairs: Juliano Smaniotto Barin (PPGCTA, UFSM) and Jesús Lozano-Sánchez (University of Granada, Spain)

Enabling technologies and green processes for the production of bioactive compounds
Giancarlo Cravotto (University of Turin, Italy)

Enzymatic mechanisms for the generation of bioactive peptides
Leticia Mora (IATA, Spain)

Natural deep eutectic solvents to obtain biocompatible ready-to-use phytochemical extracts: from food to pharma applications
Tatiana Emanuelli (PPGCTA, UFSM)

Cardiovascular and diabetes risks: the influence of diet and herbs in the pathogenesis of erectile dysfunction
Ayodeji A. Olabiyi (PPGBTOX, UFSM)

Session 3

Food safety from farm-to-fork
Chairs: Marina V. Copetti (PPGCTA, UFSM) and Ana Flávia Furian (PPGCTA, UFSM)

Impacts of climate change on toxin contamination of food commodities by mycotoxigenic moulds in tropical/developing countries scenarios
Naresh Magan (Cranfield University, UK)

Sanitization as a way to prevent the fungal spoilage of processed food and consumer exposure to mycotoxins
Marina V. Copetti (PPGCTA, UFSM)

Ecophysiology of Aspergillus westerdijkiae: factors affecting growth and ochratoxin production
Alessandra Marcon Gasperini (PPGCTA, UFSM)

Closing Session



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Av. Roraima - 1000 - Camobi

Santa Maria - Rio Grande do Sul