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São listados somente artigos classificados como A ou B no Qualis da CAPES na área de Fisica/Astronomia e/ou com JCR disponível.                       

    1. Size effects and the role of density on the viscosity of water confined in carbon nanotubes KOHLER, M. H.; DA SILVA, L. B, Chemical Physics Letters, v. 645, p. 38-41, 2016.  B2-2015

    1. Role of the hydrophobic and hydrophilic sites in the dynamic crossover of the protein-hydration water KOHLER, M. H.; BARBOSA, R. C.; DA SILVA, L. B, BARBOSA, M. C., Physica A., 2016, B2-2015.

    1. High pressure driven superconducting critical temperature tuning in Sb2Se3 topological insulator ANVERSA, J.; CHAKRABORTY, S.; PIQUINI, P.; AHUJA, R; Applied Physics Letters, v. 108, p. 212601, 2016. A2-2015

    1. New manganese(II) and nickel(II) coordination compounds with N,O-polydentate ligands obtained from pyridoxal and tripodal units EBANI, P. R.; FONTANA, L. A.; CAMPOS, P. T.; ROSSO, E. F.; PIQUINI, P.; IGLESIAS, B. A.; BACK, D. F.; Journal of Molecular Structure, v. 1120, p. 163-170, 2016. B2-2015

    1. Oxidation of InP nanowires: a first principles molecular dynamics study BERWANGER, M.; SCHOENHALZ, A. L.; DOS SANTOS, C. L.; PIQUINI, P. PCCP. Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics, v. 18, p. 31101-31106, 2016. A2-2015

    1. First principles study on defectives BN nanotubes for water splitting and hydrogen storage BEVILACQUA A. C.; RUPP, C. J.; BAIERLE R. J.; Chemical Physics Letters, v. 653, p. 161-166, 2016.  B1-2015

    1. Thermodynamic properties of the aggregation behavior of a dicationic ionic liquid determined by different methods FRIZZO, C. P.; BENDER, C. R.; SALBEGO, P. R. S.; BLACK, G.; VILLETTI, M. A.; MARTINS, M. A. P.; Colloids and Surfaces. A, Physicochemical and Engineering Aspects, v. 494, p. 1-8, 2016. B1-2015 

    1. Evaluation of photodynamic activity, photostability and in vitro drug release of zinc phthalocyanine-loaded nanocapsules DE SOUZA, T. D.; ZIEMBOWICZ, F. I.; MÜLLER, D. F.; LAUERMANN, S. C.; KLOSTER, C. L.; SANTOS, R. C. V.; LOPES, L. Q. S.; OURIQUE, A. F.; MACHADO, G.; VILLETTI, M. A. European Journal of Pharmaceutical Sciences, v. 83, p. 88-98, 2016. B2-2015

    1. Elucidating Anion Effect on Nanostructural Organization of Dicationic Imidazolium-Based Ionic Liquids FRIZZO, C. P. ; BENDER, C. R. ; GINDRI, I.; VILLETTI, M. A.; MACHADO, G.; BIANCHI, O.; MARTINS, M. A. P. Journal of Physical Chemistry. C, v. 120, p. 14402-14409, 2016. A2-2015

    1. Growth of nitrogen-doped graphene on copper: Multiscale simulations GAILLARD, P.; SCHOENHALZ, A. L.; MOSKOVKIN, P.; LUCAS, S.; HENRARD, L. Surface Science, v. 644, p. 102-108, 2016. B1-2015

    1. BEC-BCS crossover in a cold and magnetized two color NJL model D.C.Duarte; P.G. Allen; Farias, R. L. S. ; P.H.A. Manso ; R.O. Ramos ; N.N. Scoccola, Physical Review. D, Particles, Fields, Gravitation, and Cosmology, v. 93, p. 025017-1-025017-13, 2016.  A2-2015 

    2. Thermodynamics of quark matter with a chiral imbalance Farias, R. L. S. D.C.Duarte; Krein, G. Ramos, R.O., Physical Review. D, Particles, Fields, Gravitation, and Cosmology, v. 94, 074011, 2016.  A2-2015 

    3. Reliability of the optimized perturbation theory in the 0-dimensional O(N) scalar field model  Farias, R. L. S. D.C.Duarte; Krein, G. Ramos, R.O.,  Physica A., v. 464, p. 11, 2016. B2-2015.

    1. Relativistic BEC-BCS Crossover in a magnetized Nambu-Jona-Lasinio Model DUARTE, D.C.; FARIAS, R. L. S.; MANSO, PEDRO H. A.; RAMOS, R. O.; Journal of Physics. Conference Series (Print), v. 706, p. 052010, 2016. C-2015

    1. Impact of a magnetic field on the thermodynamics of magnetized quark matter FARIAS, R. L. S.; TIMÓTEO, V.S.; AVANCINI, S.; PINTO, M.B.; KREIN, G. Journal of Physics. Conference Series (Print), v. 706, p. 052029, 2016. C-2015

    1. Subtractive Renormalization of the NJL model* TIMÓTEO, V. S.; BATISTA, E. F.; FARIAS, R. L. S.; SZPIGEL, S.; Journal of Physics. Conference Series (Print), v. 706, p. 052036, 2016. C-2015

    1. The R implementation of the CRAN package PATHChange, a tool to study genetic pathway alterations in transcriptomic data Fontoura, C. A. R. S. , Castellani, G.,Mombach, J. C.  Computers in Biology and Medicine, v. 78, p. 76, 2016. B3-2015.

    1. Large Deviation Function for the Number of Eigenvalues of Sparse Random Graphs Inside an Interval Metz, F. L , Pérez Castillo, I. Physical Review Letters, 117,  104101., 2016. A1-2015

    1. Eigenvalue Outliers of Non-Hermitian Random Matrices with a Local Tree Structure  Neri, I., Metz, F. L,  Physical Review Letters, 117,  224101., 2016. A1-2015

    1. Quantum correlated cluster mean-field theory applied to the transverse Ising model ZIMMER, F. M.; SCHMIDT, M; MAZIERO, J.; Physical Review E, v. 93, p. 062116 (2016) A2-2015

    1.  Effect of geometrical frustration on inverse freezing  SCHMIDT, M; ZIMMER, F. M.; MORAIS, C. V.; Physical Review E, v. 93, p. 012147, 2016. A2-2015

    1.  Spin-glass phase transition and behavior of nonlinear susceptibility in the Sherrington-Kirkpatrick model with random fields  MORAIS, C. V.; ZIMMER, F. M.; LAZO, M. J.; MAGALHÃES, S. G.; NOBRE, F. D.;  Physical Review B, v. 93, p. 224206, 2016. A2-2015

    1. Computing Coherence Vectors and Correlation Matrices with Application to Quantum Discord Quantification MAZIERO, J.; Advances in Mathematical Physics, v. 2016, p. 1, 2016. B4-2015

    1. A representação de Kraus para a dinâmica de sistemas quânticos abertos MAZIERO, J; Revista Brasileira de Ensino de Física, v. 38, p. e2307-1-e2307-13, 2016. B5-2015

    1. Computing partial traces and reduced density matrices MAZIERO, J; International Journal of Modern Physics C., v. 28, S012918311750005X, 2016. B3-2015

    1. Computing Partial Transposes and Related Entanglement Functions  MAZIERO, J; Brazilian Journal of Physics, v. 46, p. 605, 2016.  B1-2015

    1. Superconductivity in the presence of correlations CALEGARI, E. J.; RODRÍGUEZ-NÚÑEZ, J. J.; Physics Letters A, v. 380, p. 495, 2016. B1-2015

    1. Environment-induced quantum coherence spreading of a qubit POZZOBOM, MAURO B.; MAZIERO, JONAS; Annals of Physics (Print), 2016. B1-2015

    1. A SINFONI view of the nuclear activity and circumnuclear star formation in NGC 4303  RIFFEL, R. A., Colina, L., Storchi-Bergmann, T., Piqueras Lopez, J., Arribas, S., Riffel, R., Pastoriza, M., Sales, Dinalva A., Dametto, N. Z., Labiano, A., Davies, R. I.,  Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society,   461, 4192, 2016 A2-2015

  • The growth of the central region by acquisition of counterrotating gas in star-forming galaxies  CHEN, Y., SHI, Y., TREMONTI, C. A., BERSHADY, M., MERRIFIELD, M., EMSELLEM, E., JIN, Y., HUANG, S., FU, H., WAKE, D., BUNDY, K., STARK, D. V., LIN, L., LIN, Y., ARGUDO-FERNANDEZ, M., STORCHI-BERGMANN, T., BIZYAEV, D., BROWNSTEIN, J., BUREAU, M., CHISHOLM, J., DRORY, N., GUO, Q., HAO, L., HU, J., LI, C., LI, R., ROMAN-LOPES, A., PAN, K., RIFFEL, R. A., THOMAS, D., WANG, L., WESTFALL, K., YAN, R.,  Nature Communications. 7, 13269 , 2016. A1-2015

  • SDSS-IV MaNGA: properties of galaxies with kinematically decoupled stellar and gaseous components  Jin, Y, Chen, Y., Shi, Y., Tremonti, C. A., Bershady, M. A., Merrifield, M., Emsellem, E, Fu, H., Wake, D., Bundy, K., Lin, L., Argudo-Fernandez, M., Huang, S., Stark, D. V., Storchi-Bergmann, T., Bizyaev, D., Brownstein, J., Chisholm, J., Guo, Q., Hao, L., Hu, J., Li, C., Li, R., Masters, K. L., Malanushenko, E., Pan, K., RIFFEL, R. A., Roman-Lopes, A., Simmons, A., Thomas, D., Wang, L., Westfall, K., Yan, R.,  Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society,   463, 913, 2016 A2-2015

  • Constraints on the broad-line region properties and extinction in local Seyferts Schnorr-Müller, A., Davies, R. I., Korista, K. T., Burtscher, L., Rosario, D., Storchi-Bergmann, T., Contursi, A., Genzel, R., Graciá-Carpio, J., Hicks, E. K. S., Janssen, A., Koss, M., Lin, M.-Y., Lutz, D., Maciejewski, W., Müller-Sánchez, F., Orban de Xivry, G., Riffel, R., RIFFEL, R. A., Schartmann, M., Sternberg, A., Sturm, E., Tacconi, L., Veilleux, S., Ulrich, O. A.,  Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society,   462, 3570, 2016 A2-2015

  • SDSS-IV MaNGA: A Serendipitous Observation of a Potential Gas Accretion Event Cheung, E. Stark, D. V., Huang, S., Rubin, K. H. R., Lin, L., Tremonti, C., Zhang, K., Yan, R., Bizyaev, D., Boquien, M., Brownstein, J. R., Drory, N., Gelfand, J. D., Knapen, J. H., Maiolino, R., Malanushenko, O., Masters, K. L., Merrifield, M. R., Pace, Z., Pan, K., Riffel, R. A., Roman-Lopes, A., Rujopakarn, W., Schneider, D. P., Stott, J. P., Thomas, D., Weijmans, A-M.,  The Astrophysical Journal, 832,  182, 2016  A2-2015.

  • Meandering of Contaminant Dispersion MOOR, L. P.; BULIGON, L.; CARVALHO, Jonas C.; DEGRAZIA, G.STEFANELLO, MICHEL B.ACEVEDO, Otavio; MORTARINI, L. American Journal of Environmental Engineering, v. 6, p. 46-49, 2016. C-2015