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VII Brazilian Meeting on Research Integrity, Science and Publication Ethics (VII BRISPE)

Research integrity has evolved into an essential component of research governance and the self-regulation of science. In academia, concerns over research integrity have broadened researchers’ perceptions of good research practices, reliable research, responsible communication of science, and what constitutes a healthy research environment. As a two-way interplay, research integrity views are also influenced by several factors in the research endeavor. Among them are transformations led by emerging and culturally disruptive technologies, including generative artificial intelligence (AI). When it comes to generative AI, while researchers using it “to process data, write code and help them write papers” ( should gradually become the “new normal”, several questions are open. They include the extent to which generative AI used in research projects and publications compromise their trustworthiness, how researchers’ drawing upon large language models (LLM) to communicate and review science will shape traditional assumptions of original research reports, and how LLMs should modulate notions of authorship credit and responsibility in individual and collaborative works. The VII Brazilian Meeting on Research Integrity, Science, and Publication Ethics (VII BRISPE) will join ongoing discussions addressing these and other timely questions in academia. The theme of the seventh edition is “Research integrity and generative AI: Navigating new ways of doing and communicating research”. The VII BRISPE invites researchers and scholars in all academic fields, educators, funders, policymakers, journalists, and other stakeholders interested in the theme to participate. The event will be held in Rio de Janeiro on December 5-6, 2024.
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