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Organization of American States – ROWE Fund – Financial Aid for International Students

A pedido da OAS – ROWE Fund, repassamos a seguinte notícia:



Please find below general information about the financial aid granted by the Rowe Fund program of the Organization of American States. Kindly consider disseminating the information through the appropriate channels in order to reach eligible international students from Brazil.


The OAS Rowe Fund program was created over sixty-five years ago with the purpose of helping citizens of Latin American and Caribbean countries fund their studies in U.S. universities by granting interest-free student loans.  Through this supplementary financial aid, the OAS contributes to the economic and social advancement of developing countries in the region. Since the Rowe Fund does not have deadlines, those who have already been admitted, or are currently studying, may apply to the Rowe Fund program at any time during the course of their studies.


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