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Tourism and Transportantion



Delegates attending COBEP 2013 will have an opportunity to enjoy the most beautiful place of the south of Brazil. Gramado is a city in the “Serra Gaúcha” Valley, located 116 km from Salgado Filho International Airport (Porto Alegre, RS, Brazil).

The Eko & Kewanne is the travel agency that may offer your transfer and tours to the wonderful “Serra Gaúcha”.

Enio Caviquiole
Commercial Director

Phone: +55 (54) 3286-6077 | 3039-2700
Cell Phone: +55 (54) 9903-5253 | 9131-0125
International: +1 (305) 307-0975


Transportation – Porto Alegre/Gramado

Eko Viagens e Turismo will provide daily tripsfrom Salgado Filho International Airtport (Porto Alegre, RS, Brazil) to the Conference Hotel.

For each trip, at least two people are required. The waiting time to get the shuttle to Gramado, after your arrival to the Salgado Filho International Airport, will be around 40 minutes.

  • One direction: R$ 90,00
  • Round trip: R$ 180,00


Tour – Gramado and Canela

It is a great opportunity to visit the cities of Gramado and Canela and its beautiful places. Departures in the morning.

Gramado: Panoramic through downtown, Joaquina Rita Bier Lake, Black Lake, Portico of the city Nova Petropolis, Mini World, Perfume Museum, Wax Museum, Belvedere Vale do Quilombo.

Canela: Panoramic through the city downtown, Cathedral of the Stone, World of Steam, Caracol Waterfall and Little Castle of Caracol. We will also visit the sights and still have the opportunity to visit commercial spots with regional products: Chocolates, Handicrafts and Leather.

  • Includes: transportation and tour guide
  • Not included: meals and tickets
  • Departures: Tuesdays, Thursdays, Sundays
  • Duration: 1/2 day


Consult us on outputs confirmed.

R$ 60,00


Grapes and Wine Tour and Valley of the Vineyards – Steam Train (optional)

The best way to check closely the places and products typical of the Italian culture. In the cities of Bento Gonçalves, Garibaldi and Carlos Barbosa we will visit two wineries with great tradition in viticulture.

In Bento Gonçalves, we will also visit the Strapazzon winery, house built around 1880, which has the characteristics of the stone houses of the first generation of immigrants. In 1995 it was one of the scenarios of movie “O Quatrilho”.

In the Valley of the Vineyards, we will visit the Miolo Winery, one of the most important wineries in the country.

To complete this wonderful cultural tour, our next stop will be the Railway Station to board the Steam Train (optional). The tour ends with a visit to the Factory Store Tramontina and the “Cantina Italiana Fetina de Formaio”.

  • Includes: transportation and tour guide, lunch and tastings
  • Not included: Tickets & Beverage
  • Departures: Wednesdays, Saturdays
  • Duration: 1 day


Consult us on outputs confirmed.

R$ 135,00

Optional Steam Train: R$ 88,00


Tour – “Tri Legal” Park

Have a happy day, full of novelties and integration with nature knowing the best parks of the Gramado and Canela. Alpen Park, with exciting descents for mountain sled and the famous “Cinema 4D”. Magic Land Park Florybal, with an area of 67 thousand square meters of greenery, with sculptures, a lot of creativity, imagination and respect for our planet.

The visitors are greeted by giant Sower who carries the world Florybal on his shoulder in order to protect him, the evidence of this and offer it to those who enter this universe of magic. In each track appear fascinating ways the stories of the world as the Land of the Dinosaurs, primates, cats that move and make sounds, elves, wizards, the Sanctuary and the Indian Village. All with sound, with noise of water cascades sustainable and aromas invading environments. The Lawn Zoo, a zoo with over 1300 unique samples of animals from Brazil, living in environments replicas of their natural habitat. Let’s enjoy and also know the production of the alembic Flower of the Valley, which presents the artisanal cachaça  and a nature park abundant with river and waterfalls.

  • Includes: transportation and tour guide.
  • Not included: meals and tickets.
  • Departures: Tuesdays to Sundays
  • Duration: 1/2 day


Consult us on outputs confirmed.

R$ 60,00


Tour – Itaimbezinho

Let us know a living document of phenomenal basaltic lava flows that formed around the Southern Plateau of Brazil. Itaimbezinho (ita-stone and sharp-AIBE in Tupi-Guarani) is one of the canyons of the region with an average depth of 600 m to 5800 m extension. Rock walls, native vegetation, wild animals. A scenario most elusive Canyon of South America, located in the “Parque Nacional da Serra Aparados” in Cambará South. In this lush script we will hike ecotourism in the nature, knowing the most beautiful landscapes of the region.

  • Includes: transportation and tour guide.
  • Not Included: Meals and tickets
  • Departures: Wednesdays to Sundays
  • Duration: 01 day (outputs with minimum of 6 people)


Important Tips: The tour takes place according to the weather conditions, wear comfortable clothes and shoes for hiking, bring water and snacks, sunscreen, wear a hat or cap.

Consult us on outputs confirmed.

R$ 120,00


Gaucha’s Night

Lively night accompanied by a tasty and the typical Barbecue Roast in the ditch, with the folkloric show more thrilling state. Enjoy the music and the main gaucho dances in a typical setting with the tea room and ground fire.

  • Includes: Transportation and tour escort, Dinner and Show.
  • Departures: Tuesdays, Thursdays, Saturdays


Consult us on outputs confirmed.

R$ 105,00


Switzerland’s Night

For those who want to indulge in a wonderful Fondue, in traditional sequence of the cheese, meats and chocolates have a wonderful evening with the cosiness, quality and especially with the tasty Swiss cuisine in our fine restaurants and beautiful.

  • Includes: Transportation and meal
  • Departure: Daily


Consult us on outputs confirmed.

R$ 98,00

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