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11th Seminar on Power Electronics and Control

Similar to the last year edition, IEEE UFSM Student Branch and Chapters members participated in planning activities of the 11th Seminar on Power Electronics and Control, which is a traditional event from the Center of Technology. Thanks to the large number of volunteers, it was possible to provide an aid for the organizing committee in different activities, as well as to spread the activities developed by the Chapter in past and future events. Besides that, through the IEEE stand it was possible to provide information about membership, projects and the idea behind the work developed by the Chapters participants.


  1. Assist the SEPOC organizing committee.
  2. Acquire more knowledge and experience about events organization.
  3. Assemble a representative stand of IEEE.


Developed Activities: The support from the Chapter started with the event’s planning through the program elaboration and it was extended by helping the main organizers in the days prior to the event, as well as providing assistance during it. Therefore, the PES Chapter members were able to apply the acquired knowledge and practical skills from the last year edition experience. During the event, it was possible to provide information about current membership magnitude and publicize the Chapter activities, in addition to the motivation behind the creation of PES Chapter in the UFSM. Through the IEEE Stand it was possible to distribute some flyers and expose banners about past and future events participation, where IEEE members were always present and responsible for answering any doubt or question about IEEE, the Branch and the Chapters. At this same stand, it was available discount codes for new memberships to help in the Chapter growth.

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