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PPGEE and IEEE UFSM Final Year Confraternization

The event was organized by the IEEE UFSM Student Chapter, with the intention to provide networking between the Electrical Engineering Graduate Program (PPGEE) students and IEEE UFSM members. The event was held in the Balneary Ouro Verde, that is district of Santa Maria. This place was choosed, because it offers different leisure options to the attendees, as: play soccer, play cards, pool, river bath, etc. A tradition day activity is a soccer match between the students and the professors.

Developed activities:  

  • Typical south brazil barbecue;
  • Soccer competition;


The event collected a total of R$ 7.435,16, after bought the supplies for the event, there is left an amount of R$ 279,58. This amount was donnated to a child that is treating the cancer in the city of São Paulo.

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