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Lecture: “Challenges and Advantages of Studying Abroad” – MSc. Guirguis Abdelmessih

The lecture entitled “Challenges and advantages of studying abroad”, promoted by the IEEE IAS UFSM Student Chapter in partnership with the Universidad de Oviedo, PPGEE, INCT, and the UFSM’s Technology Center, is attended by the PhD student MSc. Eng. Guirguis Abdelmessih, who carries out his exchange at the Universidade Federal de Santa Maria, and is part of the exchange program of the Universidad de Oviedo, Spain. The MSc. Eng. Guirguis presents some of his experiences in doing a doctorate in a foreign country and his experience in living in four different countries. Topics discussed include: What difficulties can you encounter? What advantages can you have beyond academic ones? How does your large network influence the quality of your work and offer more chances? In addition, the lecture includes knowledge on how to attend various international conferences and congresses, as well as tips on how to get scholarships.


– Exchange knowledge transfer.

– Knowledge about other cultures and the advantages provided by the exchange, besides the academic ones.

The course is available on Youtube and Facebook:


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