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The Federal University of Santa Maria is situated in the city of Santa Maria, in the central part of the state of Rio Grande do Sul. The city is located 290km west from the State Capital, Porto Alegre.

Established in 1961, UFSM is a governmental, regionally oriented University which has as main purpose to perform teaching, research and extension activities. UFSM has as mission professional formation, generating and cultivating science and technology in the interest of regional development and the transmission of universal knowledge. It was the first Federal University established upstate in Brazil.

UFSM offers s large range of undergraduate and graduate programs, and also counts with technical schools which give opportunity for younger students to graduate as technicians in several areas.

With the purpose of maintaining positive communication with its internal community and with the public in general, the University has a Radio and a TV Station and the UFSM Web Portal –

In order to support its central activities, UFSM has a complex administrative infrastructure which includes the Campus Administration Offices, the President’s Office, the University Council and auxiliary departments.

On the main campus you will also find bank agencies and ATM’s, post offices, snack bars, gas stations and other facilities.

Furthermore, the University counts with a School Hospital, a Veterinary School Hospital, Libraries, University Restaurants, a School Pharmacy, a Planetarium, the Gama D’Eça Museum, a Botanic Garden and laboratories in several areas.


Federal University of Santa Maria – Time-lapse by Rafael Beltrame

UFSM Planetarium – Photo by Rafael Beltrame