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I Workshop Week IEEE PES UFSM SB Chapter

October 16th – 19th

Pavilhão de laboratórios CT

During October 16th and 19th the IEEE/PES Student Branch will be offering a Workshop Week focused on Electric Power Systems simulation.

The workshops are free for members of the Student Branch. For the general public, registration costs R$ 10,00 or R$ 5,00 + 1kg of food for donation

Advanced Simulink: Electric Power System Modeling and Simulation (6 hours)

Requirements: Experience on MATLAB and Simulink applications

When: October, from 16th to 18th, at 7PM

Speaker: Konrad Kork

Advanced DigSilent (12 hours)

Requirements: Experience on DigSilent

When: October, from 16th to 19th, at 6:30PM

Speaker: Matias Muraro

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