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VI Academic Week of the Electrical Engineering Course

The Sixth Academic Week of the Electrical Engineering Course of the Integrated Regional University of the High Uruguay and the Missions (URI) – Santo Ângelo – had the objective of proposing six days of activities, being these lectures, minicourses and presentations of projects in the II Works Exhibition of Electrical engineering. It was held from October 22 to 27, 2018 and had the theme “Developing skills with a focus on integration with the market”. Chapter members, Criciéle Martins and Leonardo Fontoura, taught courses in the OpenDSS and Excel programs on October 25, 26 and 27, in a total of 12 hours. Approximately 20 students participated in the OpenDSS (Open Distribuition System Simulator) software course and 25 students in the Excel course.

Developed activities:

  1. OpenDSS: Open Distribution System Simulator (12 hours):
  • Demonstrate the OpenDSS simulation tool;
  • Basic functionalities, focusing on the analysis of distribution systems with and without distributed generation;
  • Demonstration of examples.
  1. Excel (12 hours):
  • Demonstrate the Excel tool;
  • Basic Functions (filters, panels, data classification, outline, basic operations, graphs, logical formulas, conditional formatting, obtaining external data, among others);
  • Demonstration of examples.

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