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Technical and Cultural Exchange Brazil/Germany with Invited Guests from Ostfalia University

Professors and Students from Osftalia University of Applied Sciences, Germany, will join UFSM members in this cultural and technical event promoted by the IEEE UFSM Student Branch and IEEE UFSM Joint Chapter.

On Wednesday, September 6th 2019, an exchange of technical and cultural knowledge between students at UFSM and students from Ostfalia University in Germany. Professor Andreas Simon and Professor Denise Dick (Ostfalia) organized the travel from Germany to Brazil.

In the first moment, the German students visited the research group laboratories, discovering more about LED drivers, machine control, power electronics, photovoltaic inverters tests, power transformers tests, robotics and automation.

After that, the students were invited to lunch and to strengthen relations between the two institutions, we promoted barbecue (churrasco) for all the students engaged with the activities.

In a third moment, the students did a tour inside the campus to know more about the university. Also, they visited the UFSM botanic garden.

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