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The Student Branch

The Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineers, IEEE, was established in 1963, and today is the world’s largest association of technical professionals, with more than 421,355 members in more than 160 countries. From these, more than 114,450 are Student members. Its core purpose is to foster technological innovation and excellence for the benefit of humanity, especially in the areas of Electrical and Electronic Engineering, Communications, Computer Engineering, Computer Science, Information Technology and allied disciplines. IEEE is subdivided in 39 societies, each one focused on a specific knowledge area. The Societies provide peer-reviewed publications and conferences, networking and other services, and are locally organized in Chapters. There are 2,116 professional Chapters around the world, 2,806 student branches at colleges and universities in over 100 countries and 1,159 Student Branch Chapters of IEEE technical Societies.
In this context, we at the Federal University of Santa Maria, UFSM, have established an IEEE Student Branch with the aim of locally promoting research, innovation and dissemination of knowledge in our University and community, helping others to advance in their professional careers and personal lives. A Student Branch allows the formation of multiple Student Chapters of IEEE Societies, bringing together graduate and undergraduate students that share the same technical interests.
The IEEE UFSM Student Branch was established in May 5th, 2016. To be a member of our SB, you only need to be a Student Member of IEEE. And why should you do so? Here are some benefits for IEEE Student Members:

  • Access to cutting-edge technical knowledge, through publications such as IEEE Spectrum Magazine, IEEE Potentials Magazine, dedicated to undergraduate and graduate students and young professionals, and the IEEExplore database, which contains all papers published in IEEE conferences and transactions;
  • Networking opportunities;
  • Special discounts and priority in events such as conferences, seminars and workshops, promoted by our SB and related Chapters, and by IEEE Societies, locally and abroad;
  • Personal development, as IEEE helps the development of a professional identity by improving communication and leadership skills and promoting global connections, both with academic and industrial environments;
  • Awards and competitions.