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WIE-Women in Engineering

The Women in Engineering – WIE is one of the largest international professional organizations dedicated to promoting, highlighting and supporting women’s technological and scientific presence.  This participatory community is formed by women and men in front of the academic institutions, the job market and society in general. The group is aimed at academics and professionals in the areas of science, technology, engineering and mathematics. Currently, there are more than 800 WIE affinity groups in 100 countries connecting over 24.000 members.

Among the opportunities offered to WIE members are:

  • Networking at the local level through their affinity groups;
  • Participate in international and national events for free or receiving discounts;
  • Development and leadership through event promotion, active participation in decisions and planning as a board member.

If you are interested in volunteering with IEEE WIE, contact us! (

WIE Executive Committee 2018

Fernanda de Morais Carnielutti, Dr. Eng. – Advisor | Facebook

She received her Bachelor, Master, Doctoral and Post-Doctoral degrees in Electrical Engineering from the Federal University of Santa Maria – UFSM, respectively in 2010, 2012, 2015 and 2016. She has been a professor at UFSM since 2016, and researcher at the Power Electronics and Control Research Group (GEPOC). Her main research interests include modulation and control of multilevel converters and power electronics applied to renewable sources.

Adrieli Ruviaro, Eng. – Chair

She received his B.S. degree in Electrical Engineering from the Integrated Regional University of Upper Uruguay and Missions, Brazil, in 2017. She is currently a master’s student working with the Center of Excellence in Energy and Power Systems (CEESP). Her research interests include technical management and planning of the electrical system and energy resources, distributed generation, renewable energies and smart grids.

Larissa Mazzorani – Vice-chair

Graduated in the Technical Course in Electrotechnology by the Industrial Technical College of Santa Maria in 2014. She has been studying Electrical Engineering Bachelor, since 2016, by the Federal University of Santa Maria.


Priscila Ebert, Me. Eng. – Treasurer

He holds a degree in energy engineering (2013) from the Federal University of Pampa and a master’s degree in electrical engineering (2015) from the Federal University of Pampa. She is currently a doctoral student in electrical engineering from the Federal University of Santa Maria. His areas of interest are: Modeling of the planning and operation of electrical systems, distributed generation, integration of energy resources and microgrids.

Renata Camponogara – Secretary

She studies Bachelor of Electrical Engineering at Federal University of Santa Maria (UFSM) since 2016. She is currently a scientific initiation student at Power Electronics Control Group (GEPOC). Her research interests include renewable energy, hybrid energy systems and systems control.