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Architecture and Engineering Academic Week – SAEAU 2018

IEEE UFSM Student Branch and Chapters members participated in ministrating courses and lecturing on the Architecture and Engineering Academic Week on the Cachoeira do Sul Campus of UFSM. Two courses were provided by the members, one on the MATLAB programming language, introducing it to academics and the other about the software HOMER, giving some basic aspects on energetic studies, technical and sensibility analysis.

The lecture introduce the IEEE society in general, to the Campus Cachoeira do Sul of UFSM academics. There were a lot of interested people, resulting in the expansion of our Power and Energy Society chapter, and the acquisition of members.


  1. Lecture about the IEEE, IEEE Student Branch UFSM and the IEEE Student Branch Chapter PES of the UFSM.
  2. Introduce through courses, two widely used softwares in engineering, MATLAB and HOMER.

Developed Activities: The support from the Chapter started in the first two days, with the MATLAB course. Basically all the main topics of the software were discussed. Also on the afternoon of the first day we lectured on the IEEE in general, and an overview of our activities. In the next two days the course on the HOMER software was given by the members, having a great feedback, as the MATLAB one. Therefore, the PES Chapter members were able to apply the acquired knowledge and practical skills of all over the years, to pass it to other academics. During the event, it was possible to provide information about current membership magnitude and publicize the Chapter activities, in addition to the motivation behind the creation of PES Chapter in the UFSM.


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