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Academic English – 1st Semester

The English language plays a fundamental role in the academic world. It is very important that the students have contact and learn the English academic language, because it will be possible to understand and write papers. Thinking about this issue, the IEEE PES UFSM provided academic english classes for its members, in a model “For members by members”. The course took eight encounters between April 9th and July 16th.


  1. To develop knowledge about academic English in terms of reading, understanding and writing.
  2. To develop member’s paper review capacity.
  3. To incentive members with hard English comprehension develop their communication capacity being lecturers during the Academic English course.

Developed activities:

The Academic English course was developed in lectures realized by the IEEE PES member Flávio Reck and discussions between all members about some experiences and difficulties searching by personal development of each participant. Each lecture and discussion were based in pre-determined themes, about:

  • Grammar for academic writing;
  • Grammatical construction;
  • Verbal tense applied to academic writing;
  • Common expressions;
  • Active and Passive Voices;
  • Paper analysis;

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